Wholesale nitrous oxide cylinder

Do you like to use laughing gas at home, with friends or at parties? Are you an entrepreneur and are you looking for a supplier of laughing gas that you can buy with boxes of whipped cream cartridges? We at the Nitrous Wholesale now also offer nitrous oxide bottles of various brands. Buy nitrous oxide now at an extra cost with a nitrous oxide tank!

Bulk Nitrous Oxide Suppliers

A wide variety of wholesale nitrous oxide options will be available for you choose from. We have just the best high quality, wholesale nitrous oxide.

These nitrous oxide tanks are available in different sizes, brands and in bulk quantities. Pure Nitrous Oxide gas standard packaged cream chargers.All bottles have a flat bottom so that they remain firmly upright. In addition, all our bottles are supplied with a seal. That way you can be sure that the bottles are full and have the promised weight.

Wholesale for individuals and business customers

Not only private customers want to buy a nitrous oxide cylinder online. Business customers such as clubs, lounges, bars, cafes and events are also increasingly offering laughing gas. Logical of course, because with nitrous oxide bottles you offer your customers the opportunity to have a great evening in a safe and completely legal way. Curious about the legislation regarding the use of laughing gas? Contact us for more information.

Business customers also benefit from other advantages. Do you want to purchase more than 35 kg of nitrous oxide bottles? Then we offer volume discounts. Send us an email or send us a message on WhatsApp for more information and a personal quote.

N2O (nitrous oxide) is a colorless non-flammable gas that is widely used as a propellant in the food industry. With its bacteriostatic properties (inhibits the growth of bacteria) and its slightly sweet odor, it is used worldwide as a food propellant